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Terms and Conditions 

If you have booked one of the products at Deeply Relaxed Arnhem, you agree to the terms and conditions.  I kindly ask you to read this carefully before coming to the appointment. If you have any questions, you can of course always send me a message via the contact form below. 

More about the massage practice conditions  can be found on the Massage page.  

With kind regards, 


Deeply Relaxed Arnhem  



1. General information about yoga classes

~ Please come earlier,  about 10 minutes before class starts.

~ Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a sweater and socks to keep your body warm during the relaxation.

~ Yoga mats and tools are available in the studio.

~ Inform the teacher before class about any serious illness, recent surgery/injury.

~ Are you pregnant? Please contact me before coming to class.

~ Don't eat anything heavy two hours before class.

2. Payment


~ Yoga card for group classes of 4 lessons lasts 6 weeks. 


~ Payment must be made one week in advance or on the day of the first lesson.  

~ Yoga card for the group lessons starts to count from the moment you have bought the card.  


~ Cards for massages and yoga private sessions lasts 5 months.

~ Also here, the card starts counting the moment you bought the card.  


~ Lessons and sessions cards are non-renewable and tuition fees already paid are non-refundable.

~ There will be no refunds for missed classes or sessions due to vacation, illness or any other reason.  


~ You cannot defer your card. Yoga or Massage card starts on the day of payment.  

~ Yoga or massage card is connected to a person who bought it and not transferable.


~ Missed lessons can be made up within the duration of the yoga card. After that, the classes will be cancelled.  

~ The client is personally responsible for continuity in attending the lessons.

~ Joining any of the classes or sessions signifies agreement with terms and conditions. 

~ After making an appointment for private or group lessons, I will send you a confirmation and invoice by email.

~ Payment can be made in cash, or you can transfer the amount yourself, stating the invoice number.

  ~ Please note that there is no pin machine in the practice.

3. Cancellation

~ If you are unable to attend on the agreed day and time, you must cancel your appointment at least 12 hours in advance.


~ Failure to do so will result in one hour of private or group lessons being charged. You can catch up with a group yoga class on another day if you wish.

~ You will receive an invoice for this. You can pay this amount in cash at your next appointment or transfer the amount yourself, stating the invoice number.

4. Liability

~ Deeply Relaxed in Arnhem is not liable for material and/or physical injury or damage during your presence in the practice.

~ It goes without saying that you will be helped as good as possible.


~ Deeply Relaxed in Arnhem reserves the right to adjust prices. Price adjustments will be communicated in a timely manner via email, newsletter and website.


~ Deeply Relaxed in Arnhem is a sole proprietorship. In the event of the sudden death of the owner, all work will be stopped. The money from the massages or yoga classes cannot be recovered from the next of kin or the owner of the property.

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