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​~ Holistic Energetic Massage lasts 75 or 90 minutes. During the massage, the back, neck, arms, legs, abdomen, head and feet will be massaged. 

Holistic Energetic Massage can provide support with stress, burnout, PTSD, psychological and emotional problems, breathing problems, insomnia, back problems, posture problems and chronic pain.


~ You can book it for yourself

or as a gift for someone else

~Special offer possible with monthly subscription! You can get a massage with a 6 or 12 month subscription. You pay the subscription costs per month. 



Holistic Energetic massage is given in Home of Zen, a quiet center for mental wellness and awareness at Velperweg 95 in Arnhem. 

Reduce your stress and relax deeply with holistic energetic massage

Everyone needs touch. Touch is an instinctive human response to pain. Through touch, the body receives love and support. Massage is a natural and age-old technique that can relieve and remedy a wide range of physical and emotional complaints, from chronic pain to anxiety and exhaustion. Holistic Energetic Massage is an oil treatment that works on the physical, emotional, and mental levels of the body. The treatment stimulates deep relaxation and restoration of the body's natural balance. During a massage, you are treated as a whole: your body and your mind. The hand movements and grips used are slow, rhythmic, and meditative. These hand movements are alternated with gentle shakes (Holistic Pulsing) and gentle, relaxing touch (Hands-On Healing) that mainly focus on the body's energy system.

In addition to 20 years of professional experience as a certified Somatic Bodyworker, where I learned to apply various massage techniques in massage treatment, I also work intuitively and in harmony with the energy of the person being massaged. Intuitive simply means being deeply present with the client. This is the most natural state we all know. Think of the mother who knows how to hold her child to help him feel better. Our bodies and hands are intelligent and instinctively know how to care for and comfort each other. In the massage treatment this means that in addition to the techniques I use, I also let my hands intuitively follow the energy of the body during the massage. This in turn can activate the body's self-healing effect. Where necessary, energy is given through my hands using the so-called Hands-on healing technique that positively influences the body's energy system. Hands-on healing is a form of gentle and conscious touch that focuses on your body's energy system. Your original energy (also called Prana, Life Force, Chi) is invited to flow where it wants to flow, releasing blocked energy. This makes you more present in your body. I also use the Holistic Pulsing technique. Soft shakes (otherwise called Holistic Pulsing) are a form of massage in which your body is moved by gentle rocking and shaking. The 'flow' that arises in your body allows you to become aware of tensions and blockages and release them. Holistic Pulsing has a deeply relaxing and healing effect.

Holisitic Energetic Massage in Arnhem

 "In de massagebehandeling gebruilk ik ook Hands-on techniek die het energiesysteem van het lichaam positief beïnvloedt. "

"De gebruikte handbewegingen en grepen tijdens Holistische Energetische massage zijn langzaam, ritmisch en meditatief."

Holistic Energetic Massage 

What can you expect from a Holistic Energetic massage session?



We always start with a conversation about your health, overall condition, complaints, possible contraindications, and your wishes. The conversation is also intended to put you at ease and to provide information about the effects of the massage. Then I leave the room for a moment so that you can undress. You can keep your underwear on during all massages. I will tell you how to lie down on the massage table, and, cover you with towels, making sure that you are comfortable.


The massage itself


You will be covered with a towel during the treatment. Only the part of the body that is being massaged will be exposed - the rest will remain covered so that you stay relaxed and warm. During the massage, I try to let you enjoy the silence as much as possible so that you relax. You don't have to talk, but you can, if you wish to. Some clients can get so relaxed, that they easily doze off during the massage. That's also fine, of course. If at any point during the session, a technique or massage grip feels uncomfortable, let me know right away.


After the massage

You can just lie still for a while and slowly recover. I then use a towel to remove as much oil from your body as possible and leave the room for a moment so that you can get dressed. Make sure you drink plenty of water or herbal tea after the massage so that your body can remove the waste efficiently.

House rules during Holistic Energetic Massage session

You arrive on time. 10 to 15 minutes before the session would be preferable so that you can calmly undress and lie down on the table. Arriving late will affect the duration of the session.

Appointments made can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the appointment. Canceled or forgotten appointments within this period will be charged in full. 

Erotic and/or sexual massages are not part of Deeply Relaxed massage practice.

In private practice Deeply Relaxed Arnhem, both women and men can receive a treatment.

To avoid misunderstandings, I will discuss with the client prior to the massage what will be massaged.

Payment is made via bank transfer; cash; or with Tikkie. You will receive an invoice.

The massages take place in careful coordination. You cannot hold me liable for any material and/or immaterial damage incurred during or after a session. 

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