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We go to this beach with are kids, great for body boarding for them, and that’s about it.

CD Earth Chants

Released in 2021 CD Baby

Ambient music with drum, voice, nature sounds and ASMR by Martris

in collaboration with sound artist  Sharon Stewart. This is music for stress relief, relaxation and healing


 ​  "Nature: to me it's like magic and a mystery. Where the healing begins and is completed. Like coming home. Where I really feel alive - deeply connected to myself and to the Earth.  


CD Ballads of the East

Released 2018 CD Baby

Ballades of the East, original music by Martris, in collaboration with pianist and composer Rudjer Glavurtic, is a set of contemplative World music songs with piano and voice.


Through her poetry and melodies, through her writings and art, Martris searches for identity and connection.


Inspired by Slavic and Serbian stories and myths, she seeks a deeper connection by exploring her culture of origin while questioning it to transcend her borders in search of universal truth and understanding. Ballades of the East is a multi-faceted project that – in its original setup – aims to capture the essence of the culture and music of the Balkan region. By exploring the 'traditional' and deviating further from it - on the border between folk, classical, jazz and improvisation - Martris and Rudjer create a unique mix of their personal interpretations and styles.

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