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~Mini retreat for One can provide support with stress, burnout, psychological and emotional problems, insomnia, back problems, posture problems and chronic pain


~ Is deeply relaxing holistic treatment ​

~ It works on body and mind 


~ You can book it for yourself or as a gift for someone else

~ Is Yoga PLUS Massage in 1 session 

~ Is taking time for yourself 


Holistic Energetic massage is offerd at  Home of Zen, a quiet center for mental wellness and awareness at Velperweg 95 in Arnhem. 

~ "During the Holistic Energetic massage treatment you are treated as a whole. Your body and your mind. Thehand movements and grips used are slow, rhythmic and meditative. These hand movements are alternated with gentle shakes (Holistic Pulsing) and relaxing touches (Hands-on Healing) that mainly focus on the body's energy system."

~ “In Restorative Gentle Yoga classes teach us to deeply focus on the sensations of the body. Being present, observing the breath, becoming aware and connecting with your body are some of the basic components of meditation that are an essential part of any Restorative Gentle Yoga class.”

Do you have a busy work schedule and can't find time to deeply relax or go on vacation? Is a yoga class too short to provide the deep relaxation you need? Don't like being in large groups? Do you want some personal time for yourself? And do you want special attention for your wishes and preferences?​ Take your health into your own hands! Take time for yourself! Mini retreat for One in the center of Arnhem lasts 2.5 hours and is a great way to DEEPLY relax and boost your energy levels.


This is an extra long session that consists of a Restorative Gentle yoga class which is designed around your specific themes, a complete  Holistic Energetic Massage with natural aromatic oil. We start with a conversation about what you would like to focus on, what you would like to let go of, and what you would like to increase. This session is designed around your specific needs and preferences. We use this time to tailor what suits you best. The first part of your private mini-retreat is the Restorative Gentle Yoga session. The pace is slow, which gives you the opportunity to develop body awareness and thereby learn to recognize and release deep-seated tensions in the body. Restorative Gentle Yoga practice includes gentle and restorative yoga postures. I also use various physiotherapy balls for support. This includes small and large physio balls, 'still-point inducers', and trigger point balls. You will learn a series of yoga postures that promote gentle, fluid body movements.​​ After the Restorative Gentle Yoga session and a short break, it's time for your Holistic  Energetic massage session with aromatic oil. During a massage treatment, you are treated as a whole. Your body and your mind. The hand movements and grips used are slow, rhythmic, and meditative. These hand movements are alternated with soft shakes (Holistic Pulsing) and relaxing touches (Hands-on Healing) that mainly focus on the body's energy system. 


A Mini Retreat For One is offerd at  Home of Zen, a quiet center for mental wellness and awareness at the Velperweg 95 in Arnhem. 

You can park on-site at Home of Zen.  There is also sufficient (free) parking on Velperweg or direct side streets. Home of Zen is easily accessible by bicycle. You can park your bicycle safely behind the building. 

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Home Of  Zen, een rustig centrum voor mentale wellness en bewustwording 

miniretraite voor een

Holistic Energetic Massage is part of Mini Retration for 1 

Happy Meditator

Relax deeply with yoga and meditation during Mini Retreat for 1 

Mini Retreat for One

Building blocks of Restorative Gentle Yoga classes:

Mindful Embodied Hatha Yoga  

Mindfulness is a commonly used term that has its roots in Buddhism and means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and the environment from moment to moment. Embodiment is a state of being that refers to being fully present and connected to your body. Also called 'embodied awareness', this is a form of practice that helps you experience a state of complete connection with your body, a state in which you feel present and whole. Embodied Awareness is a term used in the fields of Somatic Psychotherapy, Somatic Movement Education, and dance. Mindfulness and embodiment are an important part of Restorative Gentle Yoga. During my lessons, we practice bringing awareness to each pose. We will also work on becoming more aware of the conception between body and breath. That means going slower and staying in each pose longer. This approach to yoga has a profound immediate effect on your mental and emotional state.

Restorative yoga  

Restorative yoga is a slow and gentle form of yoga that aims to bring you into a deep state of relaxation and tranquility. I use various props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks to support the body in different yoga postures, allowing the entire system to enter a deeply relaxed state. Being in these poses has a rejuvenating effect on the body and mind, as it allows you to shift from a fight-and-flight response in the parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers the so-called “relaxation response,” allowing your body to heal and restore itself completely renew.


Breathwork is an essential part of Restorative Gentle Yoga classes. We apply breathwork to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Many forms of breathwork therapy involve conscious and structured breathing. Breathwork promotes deep relaxation and helps you feel more energetic. In Restorative Gentle Yoga, every pose is an exploration. Through mindfulness and embodied awareness, you create more connections between your breath and your body. You learn to recognize and release blockages in the body. This will teach you to recognize and release your natural breath.  


Trigger point balls  

During Restorative Gentle Yoga classes I use yoga balls of different sizes, such as reflex balls and softballs.

Yoga balls help massage trigger points and release tension in the body. Reflex balls are small balls with sturdy massage spikes. They are often used in sensory therapy, relaxation exercises, and massage. In my classes, we use them as a therapeutic massage tool that targets the trigger points of the body. Small and medium-sized yoga balls help release tension in the connective tissue, also called fascia; build tissue resilience, and release tension from the body such as in the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, legs, and feet. Working with yoga balls feels like a deep self-massage.


There have been endless studies on the benefits of meditation on our health. Research shows that meditation can help us better deal with negative feelings and emotions. Although there are many forms of meditation, the ultimate goal is a feeling of relaxation and inner peace, which can improve mental health. In Restorative Gentle Yoga classes we learn to concentrate deeply on the sensations of the body. Being present, observing breathing, and becoming aware and connected to your body are some basic components of meditation that are an essential part of any Restorative Gentle Yoga class.

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