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Deeply Relaxed offers support for stress, burnout, psychological and emotional problems, respiratory complaints,
insomnia, back problems, posture problems and chronic pain

These yoga classes focus on deep relaxation, energy recovery, natural breathing and releasing physical tension. The pace of the class is slower, which gives you the opportunity to develop body awareness and thereby recognize and release deep-rooted tensions in the body.

In the lessons we pay a lot of attention to the essential yoga principles such as posture, breathing, flexibility and strength. By consciously moving the body we can dive deeper into each yoga posture. In addition, Restorative Gentle Yoga practiceg gentle and restorative yoga postures. These yoga classes are an ideal balance between traditional hatha yoga exercises and restorative yoga practice.

Everyone needs touch. Touch is an instinctive human response to pain. Through touch the body receives love and support. Massage is a very natural and age-old technique that can relieve and remedy a wide range of physical and emotional complaints, from chronic pain, anxiety and exhaustion. During the treatment you will be treated as a whole. Your body and your mind. The hand movements and grips used are slow, rhythmic and meditative. 

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For most of us, it is difficult to let go of the thinking mind and to calm the brain and enter even deeper states of relaxation. You can follow a Deeply Relaxed program from your home. All you need is a good internet connection, Skype account, a few blankets and a yoga mat. In this class we will focus on simple and effective meditation, natural breathing, mindfulness, deep relaxation and body awareness.

Do you have a busy work schedule and can't find time to deeply relax or go on vacation? Is a yoga class too short to provide the deep relaxation you need? Don't like being in large groups? And do you want some personal time for yourself?  Mini Retreat for ONE is an extra long session consisting of a yoga class designed around your specific themes, a Holistic massage with natural aromatic oil. 

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Meditative concert/session is suitable for anyone who longs for deep relaxation, but also for people who suffer from chronic tension, anxiety and sleep and breathing problems. Meditative concert is a musical experience where participants bathe in sound waves created by various instruments such as singing bowls, drum and soft voice. This sound experience in combination with the restorative yoga session can support you by bringing you deeper into a conscious relationship with your body and mind and thus help you release deep-seated tensions. 

A versatile creator and a yoga teacher, Marina is a vocal, visual and performing artist who into her work integrates a deep pursuit of transformational living. Her CDs include Ballades of The East and Earth Chants. She lives in the Netherlands and specializes in singing inspired by world music from the Balkan region, but also in improvised and intuitive singing. As a singer, with more than 15 years of professional experience in yoga class, somatic bodywork, voice, somatic movement therapy...

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